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Your new partner in the green team

Your new partner in the green team

Ronovatec’s mowing system for professional use


Flexibly operational, easy handling

The system mows the green field autonomously and efficiently. It’s easy to operate and can be utilised in a flexible manner. This frees time for the maintenance team to take care of more demanding tasks.

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Swiss made

Quality and realiability

Ronovatec’s system is developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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Environmentally friendly

Ronovatec’s system is not only quiet but also CO2 emmission-free.

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Time to mow a green field of 8000 m2: around 3 hours
No CO2 emission, close to no noise pollution
Minute navigation
Minimal ground pressure and soil pollution 0.2 kg/cm² (vs. 0.8 kg/cm² with a conventional ride-on mower)
Autonomously mows various lawn patterns
Steady cutting speed: spindle spins in correlation to cruising speed
The software calculates the optimal route on the green field and the outside area.
Optimized route and no unnecessary paths guarantee that the field is mowed in a fast manner.
The green keeper chooses the lawn pattern.



Time to mow a green field of 8000 m2: around 3 hours

Mowing speed: 1 –2 m/s (3.6–7.2 km/h)

Robot can efficiently brought to the green field

Manual mode: up to 2.5 m/s (9 km/h)

Gentle floor loading

~0.2 kg/cm² (compared to a ride-on mower: factor 3-4 lower)

Autonomous power supply for 8000 m² (3 h plus reserve)

14 × NMC Batteries 3.7 V, 150 Ah (Lithiumstorage) / 2 h Charging

Geometric lawn patterns

Can easily be chosen on the application.

Shortest path

Optimized path planning, reduction of the mower route, daily capability of 30'000 m² to 40'000 m² possible (1 robot).

No CO2 pollution / noise pollution (compared to diesel engines)

Electric drive of robot and spindle – no hydraulic oil

Fit for use in humidity

Due to minimal ground pressure

Gentle lawn cut

Spindle mower

Steady cutting speed

Spindle spins in correlation to cruising speed

Roboter security

LIDAR sensor, contact strip, spindle entry protection

Interdisciplinary team

We shape mowing’s future

Our team consists of internal and external specialists in the area of software and control engineering, mechanics, electrical engineering, lawn cultivation, finance, marketing and sales – in continuous growth.

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The idea for an autonomous, electric spindle mower for large lawns arose out of discussions with employees of communities, sports fields construction and green keeping teams.

These professional experts defined the requirements for a device, which supports their work in an efficient, reliable and environmental friendly way.

With the University of applied Sciences and Arts a competent partner was found for the realization of the prototype. Thousands of working ours were invested into R&D with regards to intelligence and mechanics.

The result was the first, fully electric spindle mower roboter to autonomously mow lawn patterns.

During season 2019 the prototype was tested together with City Lucerne and Green City Zurich.

Ronovatec’s spindle mower roboter system is designed to mow large green fields professionally. Depending on equipment and environmental and field conditions, one robot is capable to mow between 30’000 m2 and 40’000 m2 – suitable for sports fields, company premises or military premises and other comparable green fields.

Our focus is to develop and produce a robust, environmentally friendly mowing system, which supports employees in their green care and to free time for more demanding tasks (such as cutting edges, fertilizing, repairing of the green field).

We stand for quality and client service!


After the prototype phase, the development, production and marketing of the first small series are on the agenda, as well as the planning of international sales. Interested buyers and a solid team – equipped with knowledge and experience build the basis for the growth of Ronovatec AG.

We are happy to take the time to inform you about interesting investment opportunities: Marcus Riva (CEO)

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